When the story changes

It’s a common problem. A writer starts writing. She likes the idea for the story, the characters, the setting… but somehow the whole thing is just not coming together. Maybe she’ll keep working on it. Or maybe the project gets abandoned.

Time passes – sometimes years. At some point, the writer decides it’s time to revive that old story, and she goes looking for something that can help.

HTTS-ULTRA-135x1801Enter Holly Lisle and How To Think Sideways.

This class really can help writers in all genres create better stories than they ever thought possible. Stories they finish. Stories they publish.

But what happens when your story is now completely different, because you, the writer, are completely different than when you started? What happens to the old, now unusuable bits of story that get left behind?

One of Holly’s students was asking exactly that. Members of How To Think Sideways are encouraged to log in and add to the conversation here.

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