A Language of the Future

Have you ever wondered how our language might evolve several centuries into our future? What if, in addition to generations of new technology spawning all kinds of new words, you tossed a bunch of us into a fleet of starfaring spaceships?

Culture-Clinic-cover-art-for-ePub1200-225x300One How To Think Sideways Boot Camp member wondered exactly that, and posed the question to the Boot Camp community. Our writer is using the Create A Culture Clinic to do some world building for a science fiction story, which features a group of colonization spaceships, and is curious about the effects such a voyage would have on the language the characters speak.

Enter the Create A Language Clinic, where Holly demonstrates several levels of language creation. Do you want a history and background of your new language, along with a nice stash of proper names? Or maybe you want to spend a bit more time, and create a speakable language with a decent sized vocabulary? You get to choose, because the Language Clinic can take you as deep as you decide to go into the art of making your own language.

CaLC-ebook-cover-231x300Want to see what other Boot Camp members suggest to aid in the language creation process? What stories do they recommend that feature strong language building in addition to a vibrant culture? All Boot Camp members can log in and discuss the evolution of a language and the many ways language can enrich and inform the storytelling process.

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