Writing Through Holiday Chaos

It’s that time of year again, you know. That time where everyone says “It’s that time of year!” Everyone has a subject that they think should be the focus of the next few weeks. Schools are closed for twelve days straight. Work weeks have a hole in them, twice. Music selections are shifted, everyone is shopping for something somewhere, and all the schedules are packed with things that just have to be done. Right. Now. And then the calendar flips from this month to next year.

If ever there was a time when I want to escape into my own fiction, this is it. I’d bet many of you want to, too. And around now, the few scant minutes between projects are perfect for answering one question on the Flash Fiction worksheets–if you can get your brain from “holiday” to “writing” in a couple of seconds. That can be tough.

So here’s a bit of a list for you:

  • Plan your book while you wash dishes. Hey, just because it isn’t my thing doesn’t mean it’s not your thing.
  • On long drives (when you’re not the driver) use your cell phone to record ideas and concepts. Or to take pictures of awesome scenery, or strange things you can find a use for later. If you need to, text them to yourself.
  • When you are the driver, imagine one of your characters is riding to whatever errand you’re doing, right along with you. How would your character react to little things like traffic? Or the car radio?
  • When you’re neck-deep in wrapping paper, try thinking of things that are the exact opposite of whatever you’re wrapping. How would your character use them, or be involved with them? (Example: wrapping a video game: character –not a game, can’t see, isn’t fun, can’t stop: Oh, ok, my character just fell into an underground cave system. Yay, conflict!)
  • Pick a line from whatever song is on just now, and reimagine it for your story setting. (Why would anyone jingle bells in your jungle full of techno-lizards?)
  • Imagine your antagonist in an ugly sweater. :D

When you get a few minutes, scribble your ideas into the blank lines in the Flash Fiction worksheets and see where your muse takes you. Or, if you have your own ways of getting into your writing to escape the madness, drop by the forum and chat with other writers about them.(Who knows, you could be saving someone’s sanity!) Log in and share your thoughts here.

Posted by Danzier