…and a time to everything under revision?

Lesson 15 of How to Revise Your Novel begins with a random move of scene cards—just to shake things up and to remind the writer that there is no “one perfect order” of scenes for the story. Any order you use will have advantages and disadvantages. To make your story its strongest, choose a scene order with the greatest advantages and the least disadvantages—in other words, line your story up to make the most powerful emotional impact on the reader.

Writer Solitaire–moving scene cards around–helps beat “prologue-itis” and the writerish tendency to force-feed elephants to the reader when berries would be more appealing. Ostentatious research does not make a writer popular with fiction readers.

Members of HTRYN, log in and go here to see one member’s thoughtful report of his encounter with Writer Solitaire. How does his experience compare with yours? What can you learn from each other?

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