Who Are Your Heroes?

Sunday-RetrospecterIt was shocking to hear the news that rock god David Bowie died. Shocking again two days later to lose actor Alan Rickman.

These are names that are known the world over. Sometimes, unfortunately, names of literary giants are not quite as well known.

Just over 4 years ago, I was saddened to hear that an author I admired had passed away. Anne McCaffrey was one of the first to introduce me to the Fantasy genre, and I’ll forever enjoy and admire her work.

Her passing sparked a conversation. What authors are your literary heroes? Who changed the way you read… or made you want to read at all? Who sparked your love of stories and made you long to be a writer?

There could be a thousand answers to those questions, and we only ended up touching on a few. But all members are invited to login and revisit the discussion of literary heroes. See who others admire, and maybe even add a few names of your own.

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