Genre Swapping

Sunday-RetrospecterIt has been said that a certain, well-loved sci-fi franchise is really nothing more than a western in space.

One of my favorite authors writes historical fiction that has elements of fantasy, heist novels, mysteries, and other genres woven in.

Some contemporary romance has almost completely hijacked certain elements of supernatural/horror/urban fantasy stories.

What do all these truths have in common? They come from authors thinking beyond the limitations of a single, well-defined genre like sci-fi, fantasy, or romance, to create something new, unique, and original.

In lesson 6 of How To Think Sideways, Holly teaches very specifically on the idea of genre hopping, swapping, and mashing as a means for writers to expand their potential markets. These techniques can work for traditionally published authors who are looking to pitch to a new publisher. Or they can help indie authors find new audiences who will love their work.

So how far are you willing to blur the lines of your preferred genre? Members of HTTS are welcome to login and check out this older discussion about bending traditional genres to create something that is entirely your own.

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