Thirty Words Will Set You Free

chalkboard-620316_1280Members of How to Think Sideways have always contended with the challenge of defining an entire story with a single sentence. And we’re not talking Flash Fiction here, we’re talking an entire novel’s worth of story, all in one sentence.

The uninitiated might think, “Well then I’ll just make my sentence really, really, really … long.”

Nice try. At How To Think Sideways, thirty words is all you get.

Now that How to Think Sideways is beginning its move to Holly’s new digs at Holly’s Writing Classes you might think that the sentence rules have eased up a bit. Maybe the sentence can be longer? Isn’t an entire novel worth more than thirty measly words?


In fact, during Week Four of How to Revise Your Novel, members once again confront the conundrum of fitting their entire manuscript into one teeny tiny thirty word sentence.

I bet you think it can’t be done. And I bet you think it will be confining to your prolific muse. But when members of the novel revision course posted their novel sentences for feedback and encouragement from Holly and other members, they were pleasantly surprised by the results.

Want to see what a novel looks like when it’s squished into a sentence?

Members of How To Revise Your Novel can log in to check out what a sentence for revision looks like and learn how the right thirty words can set a novel free.

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