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Sunday-RetrospecterGrammar and punctuation are interesting subjects to many writers. It’s not so much that we care about them for their own sake. It’s just that when your business is words and stringing them together, sometimes you’ll want to do so in a way that isn’t strictly sanctioned by the grammar police.

It’s OK. They’ll get over it.

Take, for instance, the age-old conflict on the splitting of infinitives. Most English professors will chafe if you put any other word in the middle of your infinitive. In other words, to be should always become not to be; never to not be.

This, of course, is a rule that gets broken all the time as it suits any given author. It’s also a rule that gets debated anytime someone with a more traditional view of grammar crosses paths with someone whose views are more … flexible.

All members are invited to login and visit what happened to be a fairly entertaining conversation on splitting infinitives and other gammarly quibbles.

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