Prepublication Palpitations

Does the prospect of publication give you butterflies?Butterfly

Finally pulling the cord on the publication parachute after all the meticulous work and preparation of your novel should be a joyous occasion, accompanied by champagne and congratulations.

But one member of the How To Think Sideways Writers’ Boot Camp, who is on the brink of launching her second novel, is having a different experience. Instead of relief at completing the final touches and happy anticipation of sharing her hard work with eager readers, she is tied up in knots about the whole process. Is the story any good? Will her readers love this story as much as they loved the first story?

She shared her concerns with her Boot Camp colleagues, and asked: Does this sinking feeling ever go away? Is it normal to be nervous every time she lets a story butterfly out of its cocoon?

What do multi-published authors say? Do they chew their nails on the eve of publication? All Boot Camp members can log in to find ways to beat back story-sharing stage fright, and perhaps add their own stories of prepublication palpitations.

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