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yes-941500_1920In real life if you need to find something out about a person, you’ll probably talk to them. Maybe invite them to coffee… ask a few questions. Or, if they won’t talk to you, you can talk to others who know them. Maybe interview their family and friends. And if it really needs to stay on the DL, you’ll look them up in a search engine to see what you can discover.

But what happens when you need to find out more about a character in your story? You can’t Google them. It’s hard to buy a cup of coffee for someone who exists only on paper and in your head. They just can tell you what you want to know.

Or can they?

One of Holly’s techniques involves having conversation with your characters. It may seem strange and a little crazy, but it can have spectacular results. All members are welcome to login and join this conversation about character interviews and dark rooms.

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