Happy Holidays for All!

As the gifts are unwrapped and the toasts made, the How to Think Sideways Boot Camp crew would like to wish everyone a very merry holiday season. And, as inevitably happens when the year draws to a close, we think back on the events that brought us to where we are today.Write Image

At Holly’s Writing Classes, the transition to a system built to Holly’s own specifications continues. Now that How To Revise Your Novel, the flagship course, has been launched on the new system, it’s time to catch our breaths and check in with the rest of the crew. Have you missed exchanging tips and triumphs with writers in similar straits? How about checking out the latest published works of other Boot Camp members?

Revise ImageAll members can log in to exchange holiday greetings, as well as visit the brand new forum where the How To Revise Your Novel course is now in session.

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