When Stories Go Sour

Glass of LemonadeGood storytelling often consists of a hefty chunk of planning, mixed with a dab of character development, heated up with the steady flame of a daily word count. Stir it all together, and often, like a medieval alchemist turning base elements to rare metals, the story will shine with reflections that leads the writer on her way.

This is what writers sometimes refer to as the story telling itself, and is often considered the Holy Grail of fiction writing. Most of the time, these kinds of enchantments lead to blissful unions between the writer and her story, but one Boot Camp member has had second thoughts about the direction her story has taken. And even though all the right emotions have been evoked, and all the right notes struck, she no longer feels the hunger she had for her initial story recipe.

She’s shared her struggle with the class, and wonders if other writers have had similar experiences in their storytelling kitchens. Have you ever had your story bubble over the stove, or followed it into a soggy soufflé? All members can log in to commiserate about stories gone sour.

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