Welcome, New HTRYN Members!

gears-398456_1280We are so glad you’re here! What’s more, we know that you’ll be glad you’re here when your novel becomes something spectacular under the tutelage of HTRYN.

If you haven’t been on the new site yet, go here and login. It’s still a work in progress, but you’ll find everything there that you need. And like being one of the first who moves into a new neighborhood, you’ll get to see how everything changes as it’s built out around you.

There are some known issues – notably that members aren’t being automatically added to the new forum just yet. This is being worked on and hopefully will be corrected soon. At this time, you DO NOT need to open a ticket on the help desk. Holly and Dan are working as fast as they can to fix the problems and you should have access soon. Please be patient. I will try to update this message when the status changes.

Meanwhile, start digging in to your new class and enjoy!


The problem with the new message boards seems to have been sorted out. Members of HTRYN are encouraged to login on the new site and then check in on the message boards. Members of the other classes will be moved to the new site as Holly gets things transferred.

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