How goes the journey?

colorful-964944_1920How is your writing treating you these days?

Are you breezing through chapters, racking up words like points in a pinball game? Or is it more of a struggle to squeeze out the details of your story bit by bit?

No matter whether you’re writing is flowing freely or feeling like more of a chore, there are people here excited to support you and cheer you on.

All members should feel free to login and visit the Write A Book With Me forum to share your trials, your successes, and those awesome writerly moments that make you squeal with glee when the perfect sentence leaves your pen, or a scene comes together with a huge muse bomb that will inform and energize the rest of your story.

Think of it as the daily hangout of our writing community. Grab a cuppa and prime your creativity. Can’t wait to see you there.


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pearannoyedI'm currently writing furiously, with the intent of self-publishing. I'm only writing furiously because I'm mad at myself for not doing it sooner.... A Californian at heart, I currently reside in North Texas with one husband, two grown children, and a pair of neurotic dogs.View all posts by pearannoyed