Natural antagonists

fall-304509_1280Every story needs conflict.

The kind of story you are writing will determine the main kind of conflict your story will have. Romance will have tension between the protagonist and her eventual conquest/partner. Political thrillers will have a spy. Westerns will have an outlaw.

Every kind of story will usually have a protagonist working against someone or something that’s in the way of that protagonist reaching his or her goal. Mostly it will be another person.

But what happens if the biggest obstacle is nature, or the world itself? What if weather is working against the hero? What if a fire is the biggest threat? Or a volcano? Or an earthquake? Or a snowstorm?

flame-913296_1920How can Nature as Antagonist create enough conflict to create a viable story?

Some time back one of our members asked about nature as antagonist, especially in terms of disaster or adventure type plots. All members are welcome to login and revisit the interesting discussion that followed.

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