Just Asking

Purple Question MarkHave you ever wondered about fictional characters’ lives outside the story? Does being the ruler of an empire ever become tiresome?  What does your hero do to kick back after a long day chasing dragons? Does your quirky and lighthearted heroine have moments of quiet introspection?

One Boot Camp member wants to explore these hidden facets of her characters’ inner and outer lives and write out the resulting interview. She even plans to use the result as a way to entice readers to subscribe to her mailing list.

Question Mark-PurpleSlanted2What kind of questions will she ask? That’s where the Boot Camps come in. She’s decided to ask the same questions of each character and has turned to fellow writers for suggestions.

Got an idea for an interesting inquiry? Is there something you’ve always wondered about in your own characters’ off screen persona?

All Boot Camp members can log in to offer her ideas for interview questions, as well as discuss ways to reveal their own characters’ hidden agendas.

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