Feeding back

Sunday-RetrospecterMaybe you’re looking for help on a sticky story line.

Maybe you’re looking for a pat on the back from a friend.

Maybe you’re just excited about what your Muse is giving you.

But there, you went and did it. You told someone about your story, and instantly regretted it because they weren’t as thrilled with your idea as you were. In fact, telling them made you question whether you really ought to be trying to write at all.

Have you ever had this happen? A well-meaning friend of family member gives you negative feedback that, at best, makes you re-think what you’re doing or, at worst, makes you feel ready to burn your 700 page manuscript because the concept might be a little too similar to something else they read.

This is one reason why some writers never share their works-in-progress until they’re complete. It’s also a reason many never share with anyone who isn’t a fellow writer and skilled in giving useful critique rather than harsh or prescriptive criticism.

But assuming you have shared and gotten feedback you didn’t like… what should you do? Members of HTTS can login and re-visit this 2011 discussion about someone who suffered just such a fate.

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