Writing without revising

I’ve known a lot of writers who never get around to being finishers. The problem is that somewhere along the line, they get stuck.

Sometimes they don’t know what to do next with their story, which can lead to writer’s block.

Often, though, they know where they want to go, but they’ve realized that what they’ve already written doesn’t lead there. So they’ll go back and try to fix what came before, and instead of writer’s block, they end up in a feedback loop of fixing what they already have instead of moving forward and finishing the story.

swimming-79593_1920That’s why so much writing advice, including Holly’s, says to just keep writing without going back to revise. Holly takes the process a step further, letting writers who know they need to make changes, note what those changes should be. But even that is to support the goal of moving forward.

One member of HTTS “cheated” a little on the process in the past, making changes to her manuscript before moving on. This time around, she is trying to simply note what the changes should be and get back to her writing. But she’s worried of moving forward when she knows that what’s behind isn’t quite right. Members of How To Think Sideways, are invited to login to see the advice that’s been given on techniques for writing without revising.

Do you have a method for reaching the finish line that works for you? Share with the class!

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