Revisiting your Map

From time to time, writers need to start over.

  • Sometimes a project simply goes sideways and plans need to be rethought and reworked.
  • Other times, life might blow up and derail a writer’s plans, and when they get back to it they want to start with a fresh story.
  • And, of course, when a novel is finished, most writers will cycle back around to start another one.

Sunday-RetrospecterSo how does that fit with Holly’s lessons? Many of her students have retaken all or part of How To Think Sideways when it’s time to dive into a new project. That works well for most lessons in the class, but some might pose more of a problem. Specifically, the Sweet Spot Map or SSM has already been done. Is it really necessary to do it again? And should an entirely new map be started, or is it better simply to add to the map that has already been made?

One of the early members of HTTS asked about revisiting the SSM the first time she went back through the course. Members of  How To Think Sideways can login and read that discussion on whether to rebuild the Sweet Spot Map when you go back to the beginning.

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