Frightening Franken-Novels

So, I was writing this story, see? And I really liked the main character. But she needed to discover a bit of information about herself, so I had her find an old diary that a relative had kept. But then I got all interested in the relative’s story and wrote about 40,000 words on that, and now I forgot what I wanted to do with my actual main character. Plus I don’t know if I like her anymore and I think I want to just kill her off, except that she was the whole point of my story in the first place!

man-161950_1280Does this sound familiar?

It’s a terrifying prospect for even seasoned writers.

It can strike terror in the hearts of beta readers and editors.

It can send chills down the spine of publishers both traditional and independent.

It’s, a Franken-Novel!

When a story starts trying to do too many things, and quits doing any of them effectively, it might be turning into a Franken-Novel. What is the poor, fledgling novelist to do? How can this grim and ghastly tale be brought under control?

One of Holly’s students discovered that her novel’s side-characters were taking over, her protagonist had become uninteresting to her muse, and her whole story was becoming a bit of a mess. Members of HTTS are encouraged to login and discover what advice she was given about a story that was trying to be too many different things.

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