Serial Fiction

Sunday-RetrospecterPublishing serially is not a new concept. In the past, a large percentage of fiction was published serially – just a piece of the story at a time – either in magazines or in inexpensive “chapbooks”. It was a cheap and convenient way to publish stories, and it kept readers coming back for more.

For decades though, serial fiction was largely non-existent except experimentally. (Steven King’s The Green Mile comes to mind.) But with the current changes in the publishing industry overall, and the huge upsurge in independent and self-publishing, serial fiction is again a viable option and potentially useful marketing tool.

In it’s favor, serial publishing can generate a lot of interest and readership. But a potential con is that many serials are published for free on blogs, meaning the writers get no actual payments for their efforts.

A couple of years ago, a conversation on serial publishing came up in Writer’s Talk. All members are welcome to login and visit this sequential discussion, and even share your own thoughts on the idea of publishing serial fiction.

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