Going Mobile in Your Story

The setting of a novel is an important component of believable storytelling. Whether the story takes place in the rustic countryside of Middle Earth or on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean, or even in outer space, light years away from our solar system, writers strive to make the places their characters inhabit seem as real as the readers’ own backyards.

cabriolet-310460_640Week Seven of How To Revise Your Novel explores the story’s setting, and with the help of worksheets, members map out a comprehensive inventory of the story’s world, starting from a bird’s eye view and focusing all the way down to a fly on the wall.

But what if the setting isn’t just one setting at all, but a conveyance between settings? Is the rogue rebel’s roadster considered a stage? Does your protagonist’s Porsche count as a place?

Members of How To Revise Your Novel can log in and read about whether a car ride can carry a story forward, as well as share places where their own story goes mobile.

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