Streamlining Your Story

The ability to summarize a story in a few words is a sign of strong storytelling.

Try it, and you’ll see. You know the story about the aspiring Jedi knight, who discovers that his father is the leader of the evil empire, right?

Or how about the story of chaos overtaking a dinosaur theme park?

And surely you’ve read about a boy wizard who, while learning the art of magic at wizarding school, must evade the dark lord who killed his parents?

All these stories stem from one central conflict, and because of this it is not hard to guess at the possible outcomes of their premise.

Looks easy right?FamilyVacation

For a writer struggling with an unwieldy first draft, this process is not nearly as straightforward as it seems.

A member of Holly’s How To Think Sideways Boot Camp has just such a story. Her story ideas are copious and compelling, and every single one of them would make a blockbuster story all on its own. But, unfortunately, it seems they all want to crowd into the same story! A good old fashioned story sentence would sort out this dilemma, but which sentence? And which story?

Fortunately the Boot Camp community is always happy to help, and she received some useful ideas on where to start.

Want to learn how to streamline your story? How To Think Sideways members can log in and exchange ideas about separating stories stuck in the same book, as well as discover ways to summarize their own stories.

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