To market or not to market … that’s the question

We all know that it’s hard to write a book. Most of us suspect that marketing is even harder. But do you know when to start marketing and how much marketing you’ll need to do? One of our students discovered that publishing is an endless one-(wo)man battle against things-that-need-to-be-done-yesterday.

When an author publishes her/his first book, (s)he often makes the mistake of going all in regarding marketing. FB-Ads, Giveaways, even paid reviews … but nothing works for long (if at all). So, what’s wrong with that? Find out. Log into the site and read this thread. And if you’ve got good ideas for how to market fiction, you can join the brainstorming team here (HTTS and HtRYN-students only, might change in the future) or help the guinea pig (me) with a short story launch.