Another go ’round

Sunday-RetrospecterHow to Revise Your Novel is designed so, ultimately, you’ll learn how to take a single revision pass at your novel. Once. When you’re done writing your first draft.

Learning how to do that will save you a lot of time and discarded words.

But what happens if you’re learning how to do revision, you’re at the end of that first pass, and you discover that *oops* you forgot to make a major correction that is absolutely necessary to your story?

In 2010, an HTRYN member was near the end of her revision, and she realized that her world physics still needed some major work. Did she need to completely start over? Re-edit starting from where she knew she should have incorporated that information? Or was there a simpler solution to her problem? HTRYN members are invited to login and see how she decided to fix what was still broken after she didn’t get it right the first time.

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