Brainstorming for Marketers

Sometimes people need a gentle prod in a different direction. Sometimes people need a different perspective on their reality. And sometimes people need a full-blown kick in the pants to get them on a different course than they’re traveling.

PromotionA group of Holly’s advanced students is developing a plan to help each other with brainstorming specifically on how to launch or market their fiction. They’ll be discussing ideas on everything from building an effective author website, to creating and using squeeze pages, to networking with other authors. Really any kind of marketing and audience building topic could be in the mix.

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Do you need someone to bounce ideas off, or help figuring out why what you’re doing isn’t working? You might benefit from what this group has to say! Members of Holly’s career-level courses (HTTS and HTRYN) can login
and join the discussion about brainstorming for marketing fiction.

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