Once Upon A Time …

HTTS-ULTRA-135x1801Once upon a time, there was an active and supportive forum for an amazing writing class called How To Think Sideways. These forums were a special place for writers to share insights and progress updates while also receiving encouragement and advice. Here, they earned pips as prizes for their courageous forays into writerly pursuits and displayed these awards for finishing a class or sending out work with pride. There were topics like Back to the Beginning for starting the journey anew. Writers spun tales of wordsmithing glory in long threads like Write A Book With Me, where they shared their progress in Holly Lisle’s courses as well as other writing endeavors. Renegade marketers set out to sell their work and reported on the obstacles they encountered on their quest.

Do you believe this forum still exists? Are you caught in the labyrinth of posts in the present Boot Camp forum? Have you given up on spying an elusive achievement pip amongst the valiant writer knights working through Holly’s courses?

Well, brave writers, all is not lost.

Programming wizard Dan Allen has slain the dragons that lay between us and our original forum, and opened the doors to our old castle once more. Both the How To Think Sideways and Renegade Marketing boards are up and running in the new improved format and all the features we remember, as well as some new ones, are ready for us to play with.

How does one enter this kingdom of storytelling sorcery? What spells must be cast to summon this wordsmithing wonderland? Fire up your browsers, for I will tell you.

First, log in to the How To Think Sideways Writers’ Boot Camp. Then, How To Think Sideways members can visit the How To Think Sideways board or renegade marketing members can check out the Renegade Marketing board, where our resident wizard Dan Allen has left the magical links. Then, presto, as quickly as the wave of a wand, you will be transported back in time to a legendary land of writing wisdom known as the renovated How To Think Sideways Writers’ Boot Camp, where one click of the green Board Index button will conjure up the current feast of topics.Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 2.30.33 PMAre there other paths to these fabled halls of literary lore? Yes! How To Think Sideways members can  log in to find another passageway at the bottom of the Classroom Hub that can whisk you to the currently renovated boards without even entering the present forum.Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 10.28.25 AM

Because this, writer friends, is truly a happily ever after.

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