Building A Bridge: From Story To E-book

Shhhh … Hear that?

Lisle-HTWAS-140x187That’s the sound of writers clicking away at their keyboards, working through modules of the How To Write A Series Expansion, creating worlds and characters that will soon populate the imaginations of happy readers everywhere.

There’s only one snag. A story needs to make the journey from the hard drive to the e-reader. Not only that, but it also needs a pretty cover to nestle beneath as it awaits the eager eyes of readers.

Members of the How To Think Sideways Writers’ Boot Camp, spurred to action by a special section of the How To Write A Series Expansion course that addresses publishing when broke, are ready to tackle the process of converting their stories to e-book formats and have posted their questions in the Boot Camp forum. One member needs advice on making the transition from her Scrivener program to the Kindle format. Another has created a stunning cover and is looking for feedback on ways to make it even better.

Got any tips for a writer on the brink of publication? Want to see what a difference a few GIMP tutorials can make? All members can log in and check out advice on converting a Scrivener file to an e-book, and members of HTTS and HTRYN can check out the Renegade Marketing Workgroup, where a writer displays her cover and asks for feedback.

Because nothing should stand between a writer and her audience!

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