Old or new: getting unstuck

As writers, many of us are creating new ideas and potential story scenarios on an almost daily basis. In fact, before finding How To Think Sideways, many of us had multiple manuscripts in various stages of completion in our heads, on our hard drives, or in boxes under the bed.

HTTS-ULTRA-135x1801For some, starting a new course like HTTS is just the excuse they needed to put aside years of frustration with an old story that isn’t working and launch into something brand new. Others have stories that are the main reason they found Holly’s site in the first place; they were looking for a way to complete what they’d already started.

The question is, how do you choose?

The early lessons of How To Think Sideways teach how to begin a new project from scratch. But is that really the best option for everyone? Or is it acceptable to use the HTTS lessons to fix and finish a story that isn’t newly-sprouted. Members enrolled in HTTS can log in and read some answers to that question in this forum, or chime in with their own perspective.

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